See if You Have the Pioneering American Temperament
30 seconds: 10 Questions

Discover if you have the highly creative and adventurous personality type shared by 20% of Americans.

1 I like getting into situations where I can't predict how things will turn out.
2 I like to act on impulse.
3 It is important to me to get plenty of rest and quiet time.
4 I enjoy trying new things whenever possible.
5 I like to follow established ways of doing things.
6 I like new and exciting experiences even if they are frightening at first.
7 When I'm interested in a project, I need less sleep.
8 I am a creative problem solver.
9 I like to be "wild" and uninhibited and go fast.
10 I'm good at improvising, "winging it" and "shooting from the hip."

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